Pokerbooks and Letdowns

Poker has a ways of passing the time. Whether it’s a casual game or classic one, poker never fails to attract players with different mindsets rajapoker88 who are expecting to make money from poker. Every time a poker player wins, a percentage of the money is added to the pile. Little do most players know that most of the time, they’re the ones losing money.

Many books are written with the expectation that players will win 75%-85% of their hands. Yet, most players know that they only win about 40% of their hands, exhausting their income and fading their 100% winning streak. What the books don’t tell you is that you can win about 63% of your hands, but that the remaining 33% of the time, you will surely lose. On average, you lose 3.4% of your hands. When you win, it makes perfect sense to double your money. Regardless of the amount, you are a winner.

Many people will attest to this fact and won’t play again, saying that it’s the game of the “how bad you lose” kind of guy. The shows are network television, and you can watch about 10 minutes of the tournament or you can analyze the live final table from just about any site. As an example, watch around 11 minutes of coverage from the 2005 WSOP Main Event as the story develops.

Once you’re through the earnings and you have cashed, you drive back to your car and you’re in the Casino Club downtown. You walk down the strip and get dropped off to your car. As you’re driving, you see on the way to the car, people crowding the road and on the sidewalk. You see a sign that reads, “Best Poker gets here 15 minutes early!”

best poker gets here 15 minutes early sign

As you’re driving, you see on your way to the car, events continuing on the strip. You see people crowded around many of the tables. Everyone is betting, everyone seems to be losing. You hear the crowd grow, eventually growing into a crowd and turning to be directed to thejury, as approximately 20 people are situated on thejury. You veteran a little while and realize that you’re not in control of the story anymore. You’re the hero! As you pull out of the parking lot and get set in your favorite spot, you can’t help but think about the 500-foot run that just amazed you. You can’t understand what’s going on!

On the way home, you reconsider some of your play and realize that some of the decisions you made during the tournament were the right ones. You don’t make limp calls, you don’t instantly fold every hand that’s dealt to you. You follow your betting progressions like you’re playing Texas Hold’em and you maintain your cool and your discipline.

You’re not going to win every one of your poker tournaments, and you won’t make all of your money. You have to be able to withstand one or two bad beats, (which statistically shouldn’t happen in all of the poker tournaments) and make the right decisions about the ones that you win. Poker is a game of handicapping, but the only handicap that needs to be applied is a handicap to your betting and attitude.

Get a coach or a mentor. Practice with a friend/mentor or take the free time to play online low-stakes “fun money” poker.

Mistake #4-Low Stakes

Low-stakes or fun money poker is a perfect way to learn the game and the tricks and tips that will help you win. It’s especially great for a novice to learn to play before you risk any real money.

Once you’ve learned the plays and techniques in Texas Hold’em or Omaha, you can try them out on low-stakes cash or merchandise games with your friends or on the internet (don’t worry, the online poker rooms will have plenty of other players to practice against).

Mistake #5-Quitting When You Have Something-You guessed it-quitting when you have something.

More than likely no one has made you feel comfortable about your game strategy. You are probably feeling under pressure and wondering what you did wrong or what the play was that made you lose. The one thing you need to avoid is playing after a loss. Take a deep breath, or many deep breaths, and relax. You’re not going to win until you get this accomplished.

Mistake #6-Playing When You Are Stressed

Playing poker when you are stressed or emotional can ruin your game. releasing stress, both mental and physical, is a very important aspect of a winning poker player. When you are too stressed to play you won’t be able to concentrate and make the correct decisions. When you are worrying about something, you are surely going to play below your best.

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