What You Should Know About Ecstasy

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, this Drug has been classified as a schedule 1 Drug-rather scary if you think about, hey? This Drug is incredibly popular with the teens of today-statistics shows that over 9 million people worldwide uses this Drug. When Ecstasy is mixed with Alcohol, it is incredibly dangerous, even deadly!

This Drug originates from the 1912’s, when it was developed by Merch Pharmaceutical; the original form of Ecstasy was known as MDMA. At first it was used in the US Army, but became part of the rave scene on the 1980’s. The properties of what is known as Ecstasy today can vary-anything from Cocaine, rat poison, dog deworming substances and LSD.

Naturally, dangers will increase when more and more is taken-in order for the user to achieve the same previous high. Ecstasy most commonly comes in pill form, but can be injected as well. Liquid Ecstasy, which is actually GHB-a nervous system depressant-that consists of drain cleaner, floor stripper and degreasing buy ecstasy.

Some Street Names:
Love pill
Lover’s speed

Short-Term Side Effects of Ecstasy:
Deprivation of sleep;
Chills and Faintness;
Muscle tension;
Blurred vision;
Clenching of teeth;
Impaired judgment;
False sense affection;

Long-Term Side Effects of Ecstasy:
Long-term brain damage;
Learning, sleep and emotional damage;
Degenerated nerve branches and endings;
Server Depression and anxiety;
Kidney failure;
Cardiovascular collapse;

Users that takes this Drug will have to continuously higher the amount that they take in order to achieve the same high as before. Naturally, the more they take, the higher they go into the danger zone. Users also sometimes feel the need to use other Drugs, such as Heroin to help them cope with the physical and mental pain once they are starting to come down from Ecstasy.

By using Ecstasy, you “kill” you body’s natural alarm signals-due to this fact, the users is at risk to going beyond his/her physical limitations and endurance. To use an example, someone who has taken Ecstasy might not realize that he/she are becoming overheated and then he/she can faint, have a stoke or even die. Statistics shows that Ecstasy is linked to sleep, anxiety and mood disturbances, twitches and tremors and memory problems and difficulty concentrating.

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